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As a proud Microsoft Registered Refurbisher, GreenTouchPC® offers professionally refurbished computers. We buy the highest quality off-lease computers at a substantial discount and pass these savings on to our customers at a great value!

GreentouchPC (GTPC) offers a 90-Day Hardware Warranty with a 30 day money back or item exchange. 


Customers are expected to report any visible damage within 7 days of receipt to be eligible for a refund or exchange based upon such visible damage. If delivered items with visible damage are not reported within this time frame, you cannot obtain a refund or exchange because of the visible damage.

Warranty claims are for hardware issues only. Warranty and Technical Service DO NOT include repair and/or replacement of Computer Products or Components damaged by accident, abuse, modification or attempted repairs by anyone other than GTPC, unsuitable physical or operating environments, improper maintenance, intentional misuse of products, tampering or removal of GTPC serial numbers or certification stickers, failures caused by a product for which GTPC is not responsible, as well as acts of God including but not limited to floods, lightning, earthquakes, hurricanes, and tornadoes.

The warranty extends only to you, the original Purchaser, and is not transferable. This Warranty is valid only within the 48 continental United States. Data recovery is not included under this Warranty, and GTPC is not responsible for data that may be lost or damaged during transit or repair.

Warranty also excludes installation issues with products purchased elsewhere. Warranty does not cover any software issues or unauthorized repairs/upgrades. Swapping internal components in computer systems will void the warranty, unless specifically instructed by our technicians.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us using the contact form below. One of our helpful customer service team members will be glad to assist with any questions you may have.

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